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                    Welcome to KF AMV Studio

Welcome to all to KF AMV Studio


As of September 24th, '11, KFS has completed 2 years as an editors' studio and stepped into it's 3rd year. We are a very random group of editors who aim to have fun in this studio. KFS is neither a "main" studio nor an MEP group. We have different level of editors with different editing styles bringing in versatility in the group. Check out our awesome videos in our KFS youtube channel and don't forget to check out our awesome members too!


                   Updates & News: September~October 2011

  • KFS completes it's 2nd Anniversary on September 24th! Check out the AWESOME Anniversary special MEP by the AWESOME KFS members
  • KFS Collab Beta Battle 2011 Final Round will September 28th. Be prepared to watch the Final showdown between Team Verethragna and Team Gungir
  • The KFS Scoreboard has been updated based on your activities (starting from January) till April. So Update your Webs signature with your the Points, Level & Title.

                              KFS Anniversary Special MEP


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